Inwood Academy High School

Serving scholars in grades 9 through 12. We offer rigorous instruction differentiated for each scholar, focusing on a college attendance and college graduation culture that is supported by extracurricular programming, community-focused leadership, and character development.

The staff get to know you, they care about you, and help you in every way. That’s been very impactful to my experience at Inwood Academy. Sokeyra Francisco, Class of 2018
Teachers here want you to do something with your life and that’s helped me gain confidence. To have teachers to keep guiding you and to keep influencing you to do something bigger is great. Jamall Hussein, Class of 2018

Preparing for Their Future

We are committed to ensuring students are academically prepared for college and well-rounded emotionally and socially. Our goal is for students to be academically prepared and have a well-rounded character necessary to attain a college degree or skills for a career. In June 2018 our first cohort graduated from Inwood Academy. All our graduates, except two, applied to college and were accepted. The two that did apply to college chose to go into the military.

We do not evaluate our year by wins and losses but by the development of character. Jason Marchena, Director of Athletics
It’s how we are preparing students for both life beyond high school and after college that excites me most about Inwood Academy’s mission. Jeannie Infante, Senior Project Manager
We have been able to create a family for students here and if I’m being honest, for me, too. John Harrison, Woodshop Teacher
I have been able to take my passions and use them to make my classroom a place where students learn about culture and diversity through literacy. Tanisha Sem, English Language Arts Teacher
We don’t just teach math. We teach social and emotional skills, and help students grow into healthy, mature adults. Chris Travis, Math Teacher

High School Course Catalog

The 2018-19 High School Course Catalog provides descriptions for the courses offered and requirements for graduation, grading scale, credit policies, academic awards, service learning and so much more.

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Individualized Instruction

Focused on the needs of every child, our teachers provide dedicated instruction and multiple forms of classroom assessment to truly personalize the learning experience.

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Our Values

Inwood Academy believes fostering five main character traits contributes to well-rounded individuals who care, give back, and lead.

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