We work hard to keep close connections with our alumni, not only so that we can support them along their educational and career journeys, but also because their journeys are one of our greatest inspirations as we continue investing in the lives of future leaders each year.


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About Our Alumni Program

The Alumni work does not begin when they cross the stage. Inwood Academy students start to receive alumni support starting their Freshman Fall semester in high school. We gear them with information on how to fully embrace the college experience and what to expect on those campus by providing campus tours to their accepted institution. We also prepare those students that want to enter the workforce directly after graduation by setting them up with:

Interview preparation
Fully edited resume
Financial support via our Senior scholarship fund, to help with their transition to college

Many alumni return to share their experiences and encouragement with younger Inwood Academy high school students by volunteering at events, serving on an Alumni Week panel, or becoming an Alumni Ambassador.

Alumni Week

One of the most fun parts of the year for those invested in our College & Career Success program, is our annual Alumni Week, held immediately after winter break. A highlight of Alumni Week is that we have extended the programming for the first time to offer an entire week dedicated to Middle School students.

The focus of Alumni Week(s) is to help students explore and self-identify future plans that align with their interests, no matter what stage of that decision making process they are in.

“Equipping teachers to lead Alumni Week not only allows us to cater conversations to individual students, but it also encourages follow-up conversations in a way we wouldn’t be able to sustain our own,” explains Alumni Success Manager Coordinator Hazel Pina.

Recap Alumni Week 2022

SBA Program

Students that apply and get accepted to the Business Accelerator Program (SBA) will be granted a one-year fellowship under the guidance of an experienced professional mentor, within which they will be equipped to start their business. To apply, students must create a business plan (including a pitch deck) with a sample budget and participate in a formal interview.

Fellows in the SBA program participate in an 8-week intensive through which they learn about finance, marketing, and legal requirements in entrepreneurship. After the summer intensive, they will participate in a one-year fellowship with Friends of Inwood Academy, receiving ongoing education, workshops and business guidance. In addition to the professional experience, they will also receive seed capital to start their business.

This program will further our founding mission of empowering students from upper Manhattan and The Bronx to pursue futures full of opportunity.

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Alumni Success Manager

Hazel Pina, born and raised in Washington Heights and Inwood, graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a bachelors of science in Human Development and Family Services. She began her role as Alumni Coordinator with IAL’s first graduating class in 2018. She has now transitioned as the Alumni Success manager as she builds and equips interns to provide support for their fellow peers as they work towards professional development. Hazel Pina, Alumni Manager, can be reached at or 917-920-0452.

Visit us!

Our Alumni lounge is available for all students Monday - Friday from 8:30am - 4:00pm. Evening hours can also be available upon communication with our alumni team.

Our alumni lounge is located in The Annex building, 431 W. 204th Street. Make an appointment today to meet the alumni team!

Beyond IAL Scholarship Fund

100% of your contribution will provide financial relief for our alumni post-secondary journey.


Monthly Donation

Every dollar you give goes towards our scholars.


Our Values

Inwood Academy believes fostering five main character traits contributes to well-rounded individuals who care, give back, and lead.

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