With a focus on college, character, and community, faculty and staff are preparing students for success in life beyond their post-secondary education. Help us solve educational inequality in Inwood and Washington Heights.

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Core Values

We empower students and our staff to become agents for change through Community-focused leadership, Character development, and College preparedness. We integrate these three core values with highly thoughtful and qualified teaching staff to ensure our school’s sustainable growth as a thriving educational environment.

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Teacher Residency Program, NYU Steinhardt

Inwood Academy offers a pathway to certification through a partnership with NYU Steinhardt’s EMAT program. You can earn a 30-credit M.A.T in NYU’s one-year Teacher Residency Program while employed as a teacher at Inwood Academy. The school has a three-tier approach to compensation for aspiring teachers who are enrolled in this program:

Year 1 - Teacher Resident
Year 2 - Teachers with Masters (upon completion of NYU program) - $65,000/yr.
Year 3 - Certified Teacher

The partnership with NYU allows us to recruit and grow from within in our community, as we are intentional that our staff represent our student demographic well. Over 60% of our staff speak both English and Spanish.

NYU Steinhardt’s EMAT program


Inwood Academy is pleased to offer a competitive benefits package. The numbers provided below are from our 2020-21 school year.

Health Insurance

Affordable medical, dental and vision plans, as well as short and long term disability plans, are available to all full-time staff. Inwood Academy pays for 80% of the annual plan, up to $16,000 a year. We also offer the option to purchase a higher-benefit plan at an increased fee.


Inwood Academy offers reimbursement for any approved gym membership or fitness class. We also provide on-site exercise classes, happy hours, celebratory dinners, and all-staff catered lunches during student-free days.

Time Off

Inwood Academy offers each full-time staff member five personal days and five paid sick days. The school is closed approximately fifteen school days a year for breaks, ten days a year for national holidays, and over summer vacation days. Personal days are prorated based on mid-year hire.

COLA & Bonus

Inwood Academy gives a 2.5% Cost of Living increase to full-time employees and provides a calendar year-end bonus to all employees. The bonus package for the 2020 year is currently under review.

Life Insurance

All full-time, salaried employees are fully covered under a term life insurance plan and Inwood Academy pays 100% of the annual premium.

Retirement Plan

Staff are able to participate in a 403b retirement plan after 6 months of employment and Inwood Academy begins matching contributions (up to a maximum of 5% of base salary) immediately upon enrollment. A 403b is a tax-deferred retirement plan available to employees of educational non-profits.

Recruiting Incentive

The recruiting incentive for teaching staff is $1,000. The referring staff member will be paid after the new teacher has been working for at least 60 days with the school.

School Culture

A healthy work-life balance is also important to our school culture, and we continually receive staff feedback on the operation of our school. We utilize the School Workplace Satisfaction Survey and the NYC DOE Learning Environment Survey, along with multiple informal surveys following internal PDs and other milestones throughout the year.

Tuition Reimbursement

Inwood Academy offers full-time staff tuition reimbursement in areas that relate to their current position or prepare them for more advanced positions within the school. In the 2020-21 school-year, each full-time faculty and staff member will receive up to $2,000 in tuition reimbursement.


We also coach our teachers year-round, allowing them to grow as educators and life-long learners.


A Community of Leaders

As a leadership academy, we empower our educators and staff to lead and we invest in training to help them grow into master educators, coaches, administrators, and nonprofit professionals.

We have been able to create a family for students here and if I’m being honest, for me, too. John Harrison, Woodshop Teacher
We do not evaluate our year by wins and losses but by the development of character. Jason Marchena, Director of Athletics
I have been able to take my passions and use them to make my classroom a place where students learn about culture and diversity through literacy. Tanisha Sem, English Language Arts Teacher
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