Three Cs

Inwood Academy for Leadership empowers students to become agents for change through Community-Focused Leadership, Character Development, and College Preparedness. We integrate these core values with a thoughtful curriculum and highly qualified teaching staff to ensure our school’s sustainable growth as a thriving educational environment.

Community Focused Leadership

We help students reach their leadership potential by developing the leadership skills of our faculty and staff, who then become significant role models for our students. We do this through a diversity of opportunities including a Teacher Residency Program that allows candidates to chart a clear path towards a full-time teaching career.

Teacher Residency Program


Inwood Academy offers a pathway to certification through a partnership with NYU Steinhardt’s EMAT program. You can earn a 30-credit M.A.T in NYU’s one-year Teacher Residency Program while employed as a teacher at Inwood Academy. The school has a three-tier approach to compensation for aspiring teachers who are enrolled in this program:
  • Year 1 - Teacher Resident - $50,000/yr.
  • Year 2 - Teachers with Masters (upon completion of NYU program) - $65,000/yr.
  • Year 3 - Certified Teacher - $80,000/yr.
The partnership with NYU allows us to recruit and grow from within in our community, as we are intentional that our staff represent our student demographic well. Over 60% of our staff speak both English and Spanish.

Character Development

Inwood Academy fosters five main character traits in our staff and students: Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility, Caring, and Restraint. These traits are embedded in our school culture and modeled by staff as we work to prepare students for long-term, holistic success. As a teacher at Inwood Academy, you not only teach content, but help shape students’ character through intentional questions, conversations, and guidance in difficult decision making.

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Traits Of A Distinguished Leader

An HONEST leader communicates openly, tactfully, and reflectively and in doing so gains the trust of those around them.

A leader who acts with INTEGRITY is consistent in their beliefs and actions, guides others to be similarly authentic, and mediates tension when others disagree.

A RESPONSIBLE leader plans, follows through, and follows up.

A CARING leader is empathetic, thoughtful, and considerate and teaches others to be the same.

A leader exemplifying RESTRAINT owns their actions and words and recognizes the personal impact they have on others.

College Preparedness

Inwood Academy works to build a college-going culture in our community by offering rigorous, individualized instruction for students, robust extracurricular options, and service and leadership opportunities. We want our work as educators to set our students up for lifelong learning, and we know that in order to serve our students well, we must support our staff with a range of external and internal professional development opportunities.

Tuition Reimbursement

Inwood Academy offers full-time staff tuition reimbursement in areas that relate to their current position or prepare them for more advanced positions within the school. In the 2020-21 school-year, each full-time faculty and staff member will receive up to $2,000 in tuition reimbursement.

Professional Development

Inwood Academy pays for self-directed or leadership-directed professional development expenses that support staff in their current position or prepare them for more advanced positions within the school. In the 2020-21 school-year, full-time faculty and staff members will receive up to $2,000 in professional development benefits.

Faculty Professional Development Days

Each month, we host student-free professional development days at our middle and high schools.


We also coach our teachers year-round, allowing them to grow as educators and life-long learners.

A Community of Leaders

As a leadership academy, we empower our educators and staff to lead and we invest in training to help them grow into master educators, coaches, administrators, and nonprofit professionals.

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing students that you’ve worked with for years succeed. You can’t put any price on that. The why (why I do this) is all about them. Ashley Carbaugh, MS Assistant Principal, STEM
We don’t just teach math. We teach social and emotional skills, and help students grow into healthy, mature adults. Chris Travis, Math Teacher
We do not evaluate our year by wins and losses but by the development of character. Jason Marchena, Director of Athletics
It’s how we are preparing students for both life beyond high school and after college that excites me most about Inwood Academy’s mission. Jeannie Infante, Senior Project Manager
We have been able to create a family for students here and if I’m being honest, for me, too. John Harrison, Woodshop Teacher
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