Character Development

Inwood Academy believes it is important to devote time throughout the school day to the development of five main character traits in our students.


We foster five main character traits in our staff and students: Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility, Caring, and Restraint. These traits are embedded in our school culture and modeled by staff as we work to prepare students for long-term, holistic success. Advisors help shape students’ character through intentional questions, conversations, goal setting, and guidance in difficult decision making.

Middle School Advisory

Through our middle school’s advisory program, students identify areas for academic growth and choose a character trait that will help them achieve their goal, along with the support of their teacher, advisor, and family members. Students meet with their advisory group three times each week, the advisory groups gather with each other once a month for a fun, lively competition and assembly.

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High School Advisory

Our high school students receive intensive academic, character building, and social-emotional support through a four-year College and Career Success (CCS) program. The CCS advisors work with students to set academic and character-based goals, which are reviewed, worked towards and tracked during their CCS class meetings two to three times a week.

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Character development, as well as community service and academic excellence, are important to the National Junior Honor Society and National Honor Society membership activities. Students are recognized by these groups for extra efforts or improvements in academics and our five character traits. This recognition further motivates our students to excel in both areas.

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