School Culture

We foster a strong school culture through personally-engaging and community-building practices in order to holistically support our students inside and out of the classroom.

Orientation Week

Each year, we host Orientation Week as a time for students to build authentic relationships with each other and teachers before beginning the school year's curriculum and activities.

Student Success

A positive school culture is critical to ensuring student academic success through graduation. We consistently track attendance and provide instructional staff with restorative justice practice resources through our many Deans and Social Workers. This year, we have also implemented the Character Strong curriculum to support academic, social, and emotional needs during advisory for grades 5-12.

Peer Group Connections

The Peer Group Connections program focuses on student leadership development and helps connect new students to older peers. Students in 8th and 12th grade are trained to become Peer Group Advisors to small groups of 5th and 9th grade students, which meet weekly. Peer Group Advisors also meet weekly throughout the year to plan and practice their small groups with staff assistance.

Restorative Practices

Student Support Staff are trained to address conflict with collaborative problem solving, mediation, and restorative circles. These practices allow students to reflect on their actions, use mistakes as opportunities to lead others, and become restorative assets to their community.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As a community-driven school, we are committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive, and culturally responsive environment for all. We believe that differences in identity, culture, and perspective can be a source of strength. Therefore, we actively celebrate human diversity and strive to model equity and justice at every level of our organization.

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Our Values

Inwood Academy believes fostering five main character traits contributes to well-rounded individuals who care, give back, and lead.

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