Afterschool Programs

To continue character building outside of the classroom, we offer an optional afterschool program to students who wish to participate.


The enrichment program consists of science, art, music, sports, study periods, and so much more. The activities are designed to provide youth with the opportunity for experiential learning, character building, and overall academic improvement. The goal of the enrichment program is to give students an opportunity to be involved in the scholastic community outside of their standard academic classes.


  • Debate Team
  • Co-Ed Track
  • Wrestling (Girls & Boys)
  • Cool Science
  • Videography
  • Dance
  • Girls Group
  • Co-Ed Flag Football
  • Volleyball
  • Girls Who Code
  • Musical Engineering
  • Art
  • STEP
  • Man Up
  • Co-Ed Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Choir
  • Theater
  • DIY
  • Drum Corps

Debate Team

The New York City Middle School Debate League is the largest middle school debate league in the nation. The program is for students in grades 5-8 to help them develop critical thinking and language arts skills through public speaking. This is the second year of our afterschool debate team.

Debate Team

Tournaments are held monthly during the debate season and Inwood Academy hosts the day-long event at least once a year. Santana, pictured here, is one of our eighth graders who placed 17th out of 105 in the open division at a tournament hosted at Inwood Academy Middle School.

Debate Team

Debate provides excitement and pleasure to participants while enhancing skills that supplement the academics at Inwood Academy. With the combination of immense learning opportunities and general fun, the debate team looks forward to participating in the debate tournaments.

Debate Team

This is Jimmy, one of our sixth graders, at a debate tournament. Jimmy placed 17th out of 250 in the novice division at this debate. “I was nervous debating because kids from all over the city were here but I’m proud of myself and my parents are proud of me,” says Jimmy. “It’s fun to debate topics I believe in but it’s tough when I’m debating a topic I’m against but I learned that I debate really well.”

Debate Team

A huge shout out to all our instructors, volunteers, and everyone who makes the Debate Team at Inwood Academy possible.

How Our Students Benefit

Experiential Learning

Character Building

Academic Improvement

Play Study Win

Thanks to Play Study Win for partnering with us to facilitate our afterschool enrichment program.

Enrollment is open to middle school students in August each year and registration is accepted on a first come first served basis as space is limited. The afterschool program typically begins a few weeks after the first day of school and ends a few weeks before the last day. The program operates at Inwood Academy Middle School and on every day the school is open. For more information about this program, please contact Denise Hykes at

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