Family Business Partners

Small business owners are some of the people who have been most financially impacted by the pandemic in our neighborhood. Our school was founded upon the goal of cultivating leadership in young students, and we don’t ever want to miss an opportunity to champion good examples of leadership in our school community. Throughout this upcoming season, we will use our platform to support Inwood Academy family members who lead local businesses.

This winter season we want to spotlight Carmen Cristina Pichardo, IAL parent & smaller business owner. Carmen is a hardworking mom who wears many hats. She is the mother of Cristal and Christopher Flores (Christopher is in 9th grade at IAL) and the founder of Pichardo Cleaning Service LLC, a Bronx-based cleaning company that serves all five boroughs of New York City. For the first three months of the pandemic, Carmen’s LLC was completely out of work. She has since modified the service to offer cleaning by appointment only and do all of the cleaning herself, rather than bringing a hired team. Altogether, this year has put considerable financial strain on Carmen’s business, but she is committed to fighting for the future of her business, along with the support of other Inwood Academy parents and staff. You can learn more about Pichardo Cleaning Service LLC by following them on Facebook, visiting their website, or reaching out by texting her at (646) 260-4910. If you have the means, we encourage you to choose Pichardo Cleaning Service LLC for your home-cleaning needs throughout this season. Carmen also started an online platform to sell beauty products, especially for skin and hair, please reach out to her for more information.

Cleaning Service LLC

Family owned businesses featured in the past:

We invite our families to reach out to Tatiana Mahoney at (646) 906-4111 or to help us learn about and support your work.

Our Values

Inwood Academy believes fostering five main character traits contributes to well-rounded individuals who care, give back, and lead.

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