Young Scientists

By: Brett Shablak
April 21, 2016

It’s amazing when young scientists come together!

The Inwood Academy Middle School science fair became far more than was expected. The sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students that were featured in the 2016 Science Fair represented an elite group of young scientists at the school. As the projects came in, the science teachers couldn’t help but recognize the level of effort and research that our students put in this year. The competition, held in the middle school gym on March 23rd, showcased 45 young scientists from across the three grades. With projects that touched on genetics, plant growth, the Stroop Effect, dissolving an egg shell, and the effects of friction, our students learned a lot and were thrilled to share all they knew with all those in attendance.

Watch Marlenie describe her project, the effect of additives on eggs.

Visitors and judges were wowed by presentations and discussions with all our students. We even highlighted a fifth grader that completed a project independently even though he wasn’t required to. Science at Inwood Academy has found a way to become very relevant to our students. They have so many questions that our annual science fair allows the students the opportunity to explore and showcase their own interests. The hardest part about the fair was choosing the participants.

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The level of performance this year only raises the expectations for future science fairs at Inwood Academy. Come out next year and be amazed at what you can learn.

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To view more photographs, see the Middle School Science Fair photo album on our school’s Flickr page.

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