Why One Mother Chose Inwood Academy

By: Sarabeth Weszely, Senior Writer
August 19, 2020


Jhoselyn (left) with members of Inwood Academy’s Family Council

Jhoselyn Almonte is the mother of triplets and rising seniors Jassani, Jassiahs and Jayden Ruíz, who have all been students at Inwood Academy since fifth grade.

Born and raised in the Inwood and Washington Heights neighborhood, Jhoselyn is a trained social worker who has worked for the Children’s Aid Society and New York Department of Education, and she is deeply passionate about education and mentoring. Jhoselyn is a founding member of Inwood Academy’s Family Council and serves as parent representative on our Board of Trustees. 

Triplets at two years

Before their fifth grade year, Jhoselyn transferred Jassani, Jassiahs and Jayden from their public school to Inwood Academy, hopeful after hearing positive reviews from neighbors and friends.

“I fell in love with Inwood Academy as soon as I walked through its doors,” Jhoselyn remembers. “In the morning, my kids used to give me a tough time about going to school, and once they started going to Inwood Academy, they just loved going.”

Triplets at 8 years

“My main concern was making sure they would all three be able to thrive, because they have very different learning styles. The magic of Inwood is that they’ve all been able to thrive in their own ways without getting stuck on any kind of stage, which is unique for triplets who all go to the same school.”

Jassani Ruíz

“When my daughter first came to Inwood Academy, she was below fifth grade reading level, and I am proud to say that after just a few years of support at Inwood Academy, she is now in AP English.” 

Jhoselyn’s daughter Jassani also practices leadership through her year-round involvement in Inwood Academy’s athletic program. “I love seeing her work hard and then see the results of her work; it’s like magic because that progress continues to drive her.”

Jhoselyn’s two sons have each found their own ways to grow as leaders within the school. 

Jayden Ruíz

“Jayden has overcome academic and behavioral struggles to not only become a leader in his classroom, but on sports teams as well,” Jhoselyn reflects proudly. “This has allowed him to deal with frustration, learn leadership skills, and keep up his grades.”

Left to right: Jassiahs, Jhoselyn, Jassani and Jayden

“Jassiahs experienced dips in his grades when he was affected by an unexpected loss during his sophomore year,” Jhoselyn continues. “But within that grief, he has been able to find his voice and ask for the things he needs. And with help from the school, he was able to do a 100% turnaround, pass all his classes and even raise his GPA.”

Inwood Academy for Leadership is home to over 1,000 students and alumni of diverse backgrounds, learning styles and life circumstances. As lifelong learners ourselves, we work to continually adapt our teaching methods for the unique needs and strengths of our students. 

We currently have limited seats available in our incoming fifth grade class, and we encourage all prospective parents to apply today! When you enroll your child in our fifth grade class like Jhoselyn did, they are immediately granted space in our competitive college preparatory high school, where they will be supported all the way through college completion by our Alumni Support Team.

We know this year holds uncertainty for us all. The safety and wellbeing of our students is our top priority, and we maintain regular communication updating families on our response to the coronavirus pandemic. Students of all grades are given personal Chromebooks to use in school and at home for as long as they are enrolled. 

No matter what this year may hold, Inwood Academy exists to equip your child with the skills and resources they need to learn in school, at home, and for a lifetime.


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