Summer Camp Campaign Underway!

By: Denise Canniff
June 19, 2015

Each year, hundreds of kids from Inwood Academy are home during the summer due to lack of quality and affordable summer camp programming in our community.

We want to give our kids an awesome summer camp experience this year. To raise funds for our camp, we’ve created an easy way for you to contribute and to ask your friends and family for their help.

Whether you are a supporter—community partner, volunteer, donor—or staff member of Inwood Academy, you can help. Show them what your Inwood Academy experience means to you!

We’re using CrowdRise as a platform for our Send Kids to Summer Camp campaign. It’s fun and effective!

It’s easy to join in! To participate:

1) Go to Send Kids to Summer Camp campaign and make a donation. You can donate to the overall camp fundraiser or to one of our staff fundraiser pages. A $20 donation will cover the cost for one of our students to attend one day of our camp.

2) On Send Kids to Summer Camp or this blog post, select any one of the social media sites’ icons—Facebook, Twitter, etc.—to help spread the word.

3) On Send Kids to Summer Camp, select “fundraise for this campaign” and set up your own page, with a photo and a personal message. Then go to “manage campaign” and send the link out to your friends and family. Post on social media and spread the word.

We do not charge our families for summer camp so every donation, every share, every fundraiser makes a difference!

Already, there are three staff members fundraising for this campaign. Which one will be the first to reach their goal? Which is the most likely to exceed their goal and help get us to a total of $30,000?

Thank you for your enthusiastic help on this. Let the fundraising begin!

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