SOMOS Inwood! “Inwood Academy families celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month”

By: Ana Gonzalez, Marketing Specialist
October 19, 2021

IAL Families celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with taste!

September 15th to October 15th is National Hispanic Heritage Month! Last year, our team dedicated time to figure out creative ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month while students were remote learning. While we are now in person, we decided to kick it up a notch while still providing a safe environment for all.

This year, the Family and Community Engagement team created a Roots and Recipe competition for the second year in a row. Families uploaded videos (5 minutes max) or Google slide presentations with their kids and explained why they chose their dish, what makes the dish unique, and how it is connected to their roots.

All participants received a “SOMOS Inwood” t-shirt, the IAL theme in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

(from left to right: Contestants Luzmary Aybar (12th grade) and Luis Aybar with Mom Tamaris Aybar)

Tatiana Mahoney, enjoying a piece of Flan made by the Medina Family

“I had so much fun doing this,” said Luzmany Aybar. “The school should do more family activities like this!”

7 families made it to the final round. “It was very difficult to choose,” said Tatiana Mahoney, Director of Family and Community Engagement and coordinator of the event. “But it’s so fruitful to see families spend time together  with their kids- you can see all the hard work through these presentations.”

Our final contestants showed their dishes on Wednesday, October 13th at the Middle School. They each brought their dish and had 5 minutes to share and educate our judges. Our judges were:

  • Karen Cardosa, Spanish teacher (High School
  • Nancy Betances, Assistant to Middle School Principal
  • William Garcia, Board member of Viva Uptown
  • Lidia Aguasanta – Parent Coordinator, Children’s Aid Society



Our judges took some time to select the winners, but in the end, only one Middle School family and High School family would be the 2021 “SOMOS Inwood” Winners.  They also won $150 gift card. They are:

Meet the Medina Family! Evangelee Medina (9th Grade), representing our High School is the winner this year. They proudly presented their favorite dish and dessert called “Flan”. This Puerto Rican dish talk about their annual tradition. It’s so special, is it done once a year (during the holidays).


While we are now in-person and this was a GREAT in-person event, we want to continue certain activities/initiatives online, giving families the opportunity to be comfortable in using digital platforms.

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month from the Inwood Academy family to yours!


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