Together We Can

Together We Can is a leadership group of parents that have students who are eligible to receive academic intervention services. The goal of the group is to make connections for understanding, support, and sharing resources.

Upcoming Webinars in November

Tips for a Successful IEP Meeting/Consejos para una reunión exitosa

Tips for Encouraging Student Participation in IEP Meetings/Consejos para incentivar la participación de los alumnos en las reuniones del IEP

Tips for Supporting Remote Learning for Middle and High School Students/Consejos para apoyar las clases a distancia de los alumnos a nivel intermedio y secundaria

Afterschool Programs/Despues del programa escolar



Parent Group via ZOOM/Grupo de Padres en ZOOM

Family Council Leadership

Inwood Academy hosts monthly Family Council meetings where parents work together to learn and grow around specific topics like special education at IAL and beyond.

Family Contact

Please contact Tatiana Mahoney, our Director of Family and Community Engagement at or 646-906-4111 for more information about joining Together We Can or another support group.

Our Values

Inwood Academy believes fostering five main character traits contributes to well-rounded individuals who care, give back, and lead.

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