Fractions, Decimals, Volume and More

By: Christian Guerrero
August 21, 2014

Category: academy | intervention | inwood | khan | math | ready | st math

Inwood Academy admissions lottery gives preference to students who do not speak English as their first language and, as you can imagine, they need extra help with grasping mathematical concepts presented to them. They are highly motivated students so with the right tools and resources they have every chance to succeed.

With the use of tablets, my fifth grade students can access online resources, such as Khan Academy, ST Math, Ready Math and several others, that can help provide quick, on the spot intervention. All we need are 6 Samsung Galaxy tablets and we will have enough to provide my students with online instruction in the topics they find most confusing. They will be able to better learn concepts such as equivalent fractions, decimal operations, volume, and more.

The use of technology in my classroom will help my students become more engaged and develop a love for math.

Please support my project on DonorsChoose. If you can help me get this project funded before September 9th, our students will be able to use these tools after we complete all initial assessments.  The good news is that we’re past the mid-way point.  If you’ll support this cause, I’ll help answer your most challenging math dilemma. 🙂

By Jose Grullon,


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