Food Services



Breakfast and Lunch Programs

We provide students with breakfast and lunch, and for those who stay for Enrichment an afternoon snack. During school hours, we reserve the right to determine which meals and/or snacks to serve. Food menus are prepared to provide healthy, nutritious and tasty meals. Soft drinks and sugary snacks are not provided. Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle every day.

Children may bring lunch from home; however, they are discouraged from bringing unhealthy drinks (e.g. sodas or juices heavy in sugar) or unhealthy snacks (snacks high in fat, calories, or sugar) to school. No food or drink (other than the snacks provided by the school or approved snacks for dietary restrictions or water) is allowed anywhere in the in the school except the cafeteria.


June 2018 Menus (PDFs)
Middle School Breakfast
Middle School Lunch
High School Breakfast
High School Lunch


Free Lunch

Every parent is required to complete the lunch form and return it to school. If you have any questions regarding the form, please call the school. If your child is eligible for free lunch, a letter will be sent home with your child. Families not eligible for free lunch are invoiced on a monthly basis.

Please download the (PDF) Free Lunch Application here: English /  EspaƱol