Our educational program consists of five elements:

High expectations.  We set high expectations for our students’ academic achieve¬ment and conduct. Country of origin, ethnic background, or socioeconomic status are not barriers to success at our school.

Results Matter.  We hold ourselves and our students accountable for academic success. At IAL, we are relentless in our focus on objective measures of student performance - including standardized exams. We believe in preparing our students for the academic rigor required in college. Graduation from college is our goal, not simply admission.

Lead with Character.  Good character enables a meaningful life, produces lasting personal and social happiness, and contributes to academic and professional achievement. We work to develop the character traits of Integrity, Honesty, Responsibility, Caring, and Restraint in all our students.

There Are No Shortcuts.  The amount of time spent on task in the classroom is essential. Only with an extended school day, week, and year will our students acquire the academic knowledge, skills, and habits that will prepare them for college and life challenges.

Great Teaching Is the Key.  Unlocking the door to student understanding requires excellent classroom instruction. Facilitating the delivery of world-class curriculum is essential. A traditional liberal arts education conveys essential knowledge of history, global culture, and standards of ethical behavior, as well as fundamental analytical skills and principles of science, math, and language.