Mission and Vision


Our Mission

Empower students in Inwood and Washington Heights to become agents for change through community-focused leadership, character development and college preparedness.


Our Vision

We regard our students as burgeoning assets to their community and are prepared to help them develop the leadership tools they need to be successful in college and beyond.


Our Character Traits

We believe honesty, integrity, responsibility, caring, and restraint are traits that contribute to well-rounded individuals who care, give back, and lead.

An HONEST leader communicates openly, tactfully, and reflectively in order to become a more authentic leader.

A leader who acts with INTEGRITY is authentic and consistent in beliefs and actions, guides others to be similarly authentic, and mediates tension when others sincerely disagree.

A RESPONSIBLE leader plans, follows through, and follows up.

A CARING leader is empathetic, thoughtful, and considerate and teaches other to be the same.

A leader exemplifying RESTRAINT takes ownership of actions and speech and recognizes personal impact on others.